Water supply
There is a drinking water distribution network; There are two water supplies: the 160 mm pipe has a maximum pressure of 6 atmospheres and a flow of 30 l / sec and the main pipe of 500 mm (19.5 inches) with a maximum pressure of 16 bar and a flow of 110-120 l / sec As a result of the development of the industrial park, the water supply network will be extended on the entire perimeter of the park;
There is its own sewerage network made of PVC pipes type M, Dn 315 mm (12.40 inches), connected to the Dej sewage treatment plant; Rainwater drainage: with direct discharge into the emissary, without costs; stormwater channel arrangements with decanters and filters; Domestic sewerage: the sewerage system is connected to the treatment plant of Dej Municipality; As a result of the development of the industrial park, the sewerage network will be extended to the entire perimeter of the park;
There is a telecommunications network through which telecommunications service operators have installed cables (Tubing  200 with 3 rooms) to provide telephone and internet services to park users.
Inside the park there is a main road, rectilinear route, with 2 lanes with a width of lanes of 3.5 m each; There is a roundabout to help streamline traffic inside the industrial park; the road infrastructure of the industrial park expands in correlation with the development of the park