Conference room on site Arc Business Center

Office and service building “Arc Business Center” has 2 multifunctional conference rooms: TRANSILVANIA Hall and EUROPA Hall
They offer the possibility to successfully organize any type of event: conference, video-conference, presentation, workshop, symposium, seminar, team-building programs, schooling, social event or rectation
Conference room facilities
Projection screen HD video projector flip chart simultaneous translation installation in 3 languages PC
high-performance sound equipment Wi-Fi individual control of heating and air conditioning installations teleconferencing communication system high performance sound
The exhibition space is located inside the Arc Business Center office and services building and is arranged in the form of a light curtain, covered, with a double function: on the one hand it is a green area, inside, on the other side it is an area of recreation, with natural light sockets.
Inside the park there are 2 ATMs to serve the needs of customers and their employees inside the industrial park and beyond.
There is a medical office for occupational medicine, but it also functions as a first aid point;
The company managing the industrial park permanently offers the following types of services:
24-hour monitoring service, through surveillance cameras located in the strategic points of the park, but also through drone cameras, which provide an overall surveillance of the entire area serving the industrial park; street cleaning services; garbage collection; snow removal services;
Inside the park there is a specially arranged space for public catering, with the possibility of dining at the headquarters or catering.