Tax exemptions
All our clients are entitled to the following tax exemptions:
The taxes collected for the removal from the agricultural circuit of the land afferent to the industrial park; Land tax corresponding to the land related to the industrial park; Building tax for buildings that are part of the park infrastructure; Fees for issuing any urbanism certificate, building permits and / or building demolition permits for the lands and buildings that are part of the park infrastructure;
Simple hiring process
Inexpensive skilled labor The country has one of the lowest hourly wages in the EU with an average of 5 euros / hour, representing ⅕ of the EU average in 2015. According to Eurostat, Romania has the second lowest gross salary with only 322Euro / month; Collaboration with a local employment agency in Dejwhere the unemployed can participate in training courses in which they can acquire the necessary skills for a job in the factory in Dej.In our years of activity we have gathered a database with over 800 candidates with various abilities (CNC operators, CNC programmers, quality assurance specialists, lathes, mechanics, metal processors, electricians, etc.). Dej locals are constantly looking for employment opportunities as most travel from Dej to larger nearby towns for work; A study conducted in 2010 by the City Hall of Dej shows aunofficial unemployment rate of 10-15%;
Quick infrastructure development
We assist our clients in their infrastructure development efforts through our consulting experience in order to obtain the necessary approvals and approvals for the construction of new industrial halls, but also through their design and construction; We are partners of a group of companies and our main goal is to provide support to our customers with different tasks. Inside the park is located a construction company that can develop the necessary infrastructure in a short period of time at a fair cost. ; The company has the necessary equipment;
Utilities at low prices
Arc Parkholds a license for distribution and supply of electricity, natural gas supply license and closed distribution system establishment license for the purpose of supplying gas and electricity to customers; Utility cost is transparent, negotiable and lower compared to the price proposed by the regional supplier;
Industrial spaces at affordable costs
Renting or selling industrial space at affordable prices ; We sell and rent ready-built industrial halls for the development of industrial infrastructure;