The S.C. Arc Industrial Park S.R.L. wants to help entrepreneurial initiatives at the beginning of their activity, giving them the necessary premises for the development of sustainable and competitive businesses.
The basic mission of Arc Parc Industrial company is to stimulate the development of the private entrepreneurial environment at the level of small enterprises and micro-enterprises at the level of Dej municipality, by maximizing the economic, material and human resources in the area. Thus, through the business incubator, the necessary premises for creating new jobs and increasing the attractiveness of the area for potential investors are outlined..
In view of the national situation regarding the main problems faced by small and micro enterprises at the beginning of the activity, Arc Parc Industrial has developed a medium and long-term development strategy to support entrepreneurial initiatives. The strategy consists in creating an adequate framework, in which the companies at the beginning of the activity to benefit from services related to business support..
Advantages and benefits - business incubator
access to tangible infrastructure that is provided (production spaces, utilities, secretariat, etc.); counseling services; ready-equipped production hall; office in a place arranged according to needs; the chance to interact with other entrepreneurs; investor support from the very beginning of shaping the business idea.
a parking lot and outdoor platforms; conference rooms, at the seminar rooms and at the exhibition hall with the possibility of arranging a stand for the presentation of the company and its products;
the restaurant inside the Business Incubator for serving breakfast and lunch at the Daily Menu rate, up to 40 seats; the cafe inside the Incubator;
o accounting consultant, PSI consultant, IT consultant, legal consultant (assistance in preparing contractual documents, making available the legislation in force in Romania and the European Union, providing legal advice); Marketing consultancy and paid services: creating an image, helping to carry out promotion campaigns;
presentation of the companies within the Incubator and of their products at all the rules, seminars, brokerages, events in which ARC PARC participates or is invited; notification about the organization of courses on various fields and the organization of presentations of banking services, in order to know the financing and crediting conditions existing on the market
Features and Facilities
2,9 eur/mp/mont+ TVA
Incubation fee
0,7 eur/mp/an + TVA
Electricity consumption
lighting and heating will be free
Only electricity consumption will be paid
used in the production activity
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