S.C. Arc Parc Industrial S.R.L. as Beneficiary, implements the project Business incubator construction;, MySMIS code 122894, financed by the Regional Operational Program 2014-2020.
Priority Axis: 2: Improving the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises;, 2.1.: Promoting entrepreneurship, in particular by facilitating the economic exploitation of new ideas and encouraging the creation of new businesses, including through business incubators; 2.1.B: „Business incubators”.
The financing contract was signed with the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, as Managing Authority and Regional Development Agency North West, as IB.
The total value of the project is 30.471.550,93 lei. The total value of the public contribution is 16.116.599,51 lei. The eligible grant amount from the European Regional Development Fund is 13.699.109,58 lei. The eligible non-reimbursable amount from the national budget is 2.417.489,93 lei .
The target groups that are structured in are targeted by the project : Start-up-uri – newly established companies whose main object of activity is the production of automotive components SMEs with a maximum of 2 years of experience in the automotive and components industry
By carrying out this project, Arc Parc Industrial S.R.L.
properly builds and equips a production business incubator specific to the field of automotive component production. This incubator (industrial hall) consists of 13 modules equipped and equipped according to production (each equipped with 1 office, bathroom and locker room) and 1 common administrative module, equipped with a small restaurant, conference room, business meeting room, multifunctional room - accessible spaces and people with disabilities.
in welcoming, supporting and supporting young entrepreneurs who want to perform in the field of car production and its components, who have innovative projects and want to implement them, providing them with all the services necessary for the successful implementation of its projects.
The project completion date is 30.06.2022.
The main results of the project implementation:
A business incubator building ready equipped with all the facilities, fully functional for the production of car components, connected to the infrastructure of the industrial park; A photovoltaic solar power plant mounted on the roof of the 600 Kva building; An incubator team well prepared for the services of the incubation program; A well thought out, practical and functional incubation program; Stimulating the development of the entrepreneurial environment among young people eager to assert themselves;
Facilities offered
Modest rent;
Production and office space ready to start business;
Free electricity during the 3 (three) years of incubation (for heating and lighting);
Free access to parking, conference rooms, multimedia room, business incubator restaurant, cafe inside the Incubator;
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