Hall for production and storage with an area of ​​4510 m2

Availability: The production and storage hall will be available for rent or sale starting with April 2018.


  • Emplacement: Str.Henri Coanda, no. 1, DEJ municipality, Cluj county, inside the ARC PARC DEJ Industrial Park
  • The total surface of the plot of land related to the hall: 10.925 mp
  • The surface of the production and storage hall itself: 4510 mp
  • Road surface: 4885 mp
  • ​​​​​Green area surface: 1490 mp
  • Ways of communication - accesses: the land has access to the road that connects the Industrial Park to DN1C and access to the park road
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Dimensions & composition

  • Total length of the hall = 80.80 m, composed of 8 bays of 10 m each
  • Total width of the hall = 55.80 m composed of 2 openings of 27.50 m each
  • Maximum ridge height = 9.85 m
  • Minimum usable height = 5.92 m
  • Cornice height = 7.95 m


  • Rectangular building with gabled roof
  • Closed metal structure building & nbsp; roof and walls with sandwich panels
  • Polycarbonate skylight panels are interspersed in the roof plane
  • The hall has & nbsp; 6 pieces of sectional gates , pvc doors and exterior windows with double glazing
  • Helicopterized concrete flooring & nbsp; quartz finished
  • The hall is heated with & nbsp; electric fan coil units
  • Offices arranged on two levels with reinforced concrete intermediate floor
  • Office walls made of & nbsp; drywall, coffered ceilings, pvc joinery
  • The hall is connected to all existing utilities: water, sewage and rainwater, electricity
  • The foundations of the Hall are of & nbsp; type reinforced concrete foundations & nbsp; under resistance pillars made of metal profiles. Beams of plinth-type foundations are made between the foundations
  • The floor space for the office space is made of & nbsp; laminate flooring and ceramic tiles
  • The spaces are equipped with sanitary installations and equipment, electric current & heating with electric air heaters
  • The hall is equipped with & nbsp; fire protection system & nbsp; provided with hydrants
  • The supply of hot water to the locker room area will be done through electric or gas boilers


  • Transformer Station & nbsp; - Located at the boundary of the plot
  • Drinking water & nbsp; (water meter)
  • sewerage (evacuation home), the sewerage system is connected to the treatment plant of Dej Municipality
  • Direct drainage sewer & nbsp; in the emissary, free of charge
  • gas (methane gas connection box)