Industrial hall with an area of ​​6100 m2
Availability: Arc Industrial Park is about to complete the construction of an industrial production and storage hall located inside the industrial park. The completion deadline is estimated to be the end of March 2018.

  • Total land area offered: 12,000 sqm
  • Total built area Industrial Hall: 6,100 sqm of which 330 sqm administrative area

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Dimensions & composition

  • The dimensions of the Industrial Hall are L= 110.75
  • The hall is composed of 11 bays of 10 m respectively 54.0 m wide, width composed of two openings of 27.0 m
  • The height of the Hall at the eaves is 7.60 m and at the ridge of the gabled roof it is 11.00 m
  • The minimum useful interior height is 6.00 m
  • The foundations of the Hall are of the type of insulated reinforced concrete foundations under resistance pillars made of metal profiles. Beams of plinth-type foundations are made between the foundations


  • The resistance structure is entirely made of metal made of poles, trusses, braces, panels and rulers, painted with anti-corrosion primer and hydrochloric enamel paint
  • The perimeter closure of the hall, the roof and the walls is made of thermal insulation panels with a thickness of 80 mm, composed of two layers of sheet metal and polyurethane core
  • For natural lighting, pvc windows with double-glazed windows have been provided, respectively a ridge skylight with hatches for the evacuation of smoke on the roof

Raw material handling

  • For the handling of the raw material and the finished product, two docking gates were provided on the east side.
  • The floor of the Industrial Hall space is of the industrial floor type of reinforced concrete of 20 cm thickness, helicoptered and finished with quartz
  • The floors related to the office space are provided to be made of lamellar parquet and ceramic tiles.
  • Competing walls and ceilings are made of drywall painted with washable paint
  • The spaces are equipped with sanitary installations and equipment, electricity, heating with electric air heaters


For the arrangement of the outdoor land, it is proposed to bring to the necessary level for car and pedestrian access by ballasting, compacting and concreting the entire surface of 12,000 sqm, of which - 6,100 sqm (developed area of ​​the hall) and 5,900 sqm - outdoor platforms.

The rainwater and the domestic waters, through the external networks, will be connected to the existing networks inside the Industrial Park.